I Am Grateful for Art, Family & Travel: Elaina


July 26th, 2017

14 mins 17 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Elaina is a beautiful and humorous New Yorker, who is passionate about family, art, and travel. Even with her New York roots, her family exposed her to travel and it became such huge part of her life. From reading National Geographic to her own personal connection to her culture has inspired her to want to use photojournalism to connect people to others as humans. She’s been on road trips to visit family thought the states and even traveled abroad to Mexico, London, and throughout Europe. Elaina is grateful for how her travels have shaped who she is today and will become.

She believes gratitude comes from perspective. Elaina is extremely grateful to see the unconditional love and sacrifice her family made to help her get college. She’s grateful for little things like the beauty in rainy overcast days, mean middle school teachers, and even awkward stages in life. Not everyone has what we have, but Elaina's humility brings light to our commonality in life: we are all people. No matter our experiences in life, we can still find gratitude in what we have been given.

I love Elaina, I am grateful for her humor and light-hearted perspective despite difficulties. I learn a lot from her love for family and the arts. I hope she inspires you, as she does for me.