I Am Grateful for Second Chances: Kavell


September 11th, 2017

11 mins 29 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Kavell’s always had a dream to go to college and get out of the projects of Queens, NY. In 2012, he reached that dream and got accepted to Syracuse University. But after struggling with his classes and his GPA had dropped, he received a letter saying that he would not be able to return to Syracuse. But he was given a second chance to return under the condition that he would work hard and bring up his GPA. Kavell achieved his goal and graduated from Syracuse University and is now working in a field he loves.

Kavell is grateful for internships that led to the financial independence to help his mom, the people who have helped and supported him to get where he is today, and the financial aid he was given to be able to go to college.  Despite the reality that the blessings in life could be taken away, Kavell has learned to truly appreciate and cherish what he is given.

I am grateful for Kavell’s love, joy, and humility to think about the value in everything that he has been given in life. Kavell’s hardships have not limited him, they have propelled him to be more grateful. I hope that Kavell’s therapeutic act of sharing what he is grateful for will motivate you to share with others, as well.