I Am Grateful for Joy: Kehinde


October 10th, 2017

13 mins 40 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Kehinde was diagnosed with Lupus at age 11 and by 8th grade, she had a kidney transplant! Despite fatigue, struggle to wake up or even get out of bed, she fights through the "come and go" of the symptoms. Kehinde has wrestled with this fight for more than half of her life. Yet, she has learned the importance of to taking care of her health by eating and drinking water.

Kehinde is grateful to God, despite the diagnosis, to be alive! She does not let Lupus rob her of her joy. Her joy is contagious and she does a great job of spreading it to others. She believes joy is defined as seeking gratitude in ANY situation. She also believes joy is realizing that God is eternal and she is grateful for what she can look forward to with God!

I am grateful for Kehinde's joy, humility, and passion. I love being around her and I can proudly say most people would agree. Kehinde wants to encourage others that they can fight negativity despite the situations that arise and choose gratitude.