I Am Grateful for Health: Taiwo


July 6th, 2017

17 mins 43 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Taiwo was diagnosed with Lupus when she was in sixth grade. It brought weight gain, insecurities, and lack of confidence. But despite the physical limitations that lupus brought, she did not let that stop her from growing in her appreciation for her family, her family, and her faith. In high school, she was in the hospital for a year and even after that she continued to battle more complications. At 17, she had both knees and hips replaced. Despite doctors telling her she may never walk again, Taiwo pushed through so she could achieved her dream of going to AND graduating from college. She is grateful for her mother’s sacrifices to support her, her sister fighting lupus alongside her, and her friends who came every weekend to visit her. She believed that it taught her how to pray and gave her hope that God had a reason for all of it. Taiwo’s gratitude is motivating and inspires me to realize there is no unreachable goal when you have friends, family, and God, to help you get there.